Dont let your pork sausages get cold, wrap them in delicious bacon blankets!

Lexi Gugger

Pigs in blankets (not literally although that would be super cute) are a classic savoury treat now comes with a sweet twist. These little wieners are certainly winners at any kind of event. The ingredient that will take your pigs in blankets from great to spectacular, is honey!

Knowing that you can make them the night before, pop them in the fridge and pull them out the next day makes these guys just that little bit sweeter. Popping them in the fridge overnight will see the bacon wrapping settled nicely around the sausage making them even easier to cook than if you cooked them straight away. Awesome, right?

Honey glazed bacon wrapped little pigs in blankets recipe.

Youll be needing:
  • Your favourite sausage in, preferably chipolata size, which we can make toorder However many pigs in blankets youd like to make i.e. 32
  • Voodoo or streaky rashers of bacon youll need 1 rasher per sausage
  • 3-4 tablespoon honey
  • Salt and freshly ground pepper
How to do it:
With the oven pre-heated to 180C.
Lay each bacon rasher out flat and wrap each sausage in one piece of bacon. Then pop them on an alfoil lined baking tray. The fat from the bacon will cook the meat so there is no need to add oil.
Drizzle/pour the honey over the top of the sausages and then season. Give the tray a shake, making sure all sides of every sausage is covered in the golden goodness before making sure they have enough space on the tray and putting them in the oven. Bake for 35 minutes.
Be sure to check on them and using a spoon or basting tool use, drizzle the sausages with the honey sauce that begins to form on the tray keeping the little piggies nice and juicy.

Pig In A Blanket

Classic little pigs in blankets recipe.

Youll be needing:
Lay out a sheet of puff pastry and cut into squares that are large enough to wrap around the sausage. Repeat as needed.
Spread a thin layer of Thomy Mild mustard on the inside of the puff pastry squares. The mustard will enhance the flavour and give the sausage extra moisture to ensure they dont dry out. Wrap the sausages and pop them on an alfoil lined baking tray.
Paint the egg yolk over the pig in blankets and pop the tray in the oven and bake for 35 minutes or until golden crispy brown.