If you type Chicken Wings into Google you will be swamped with hundreds if not thousands of Chicken Wing recipes

Lexi Gugger
Fried Chicken Wings

This tells you a little about us humans, that we just cant get enough of those moreish, flavour packed little wings. Plus, the fact you can get so many flavours means that your taste buds could travel around the world with 80 wings!

The American Super Bowl is a time where the whole nation stands still to watch one game of American Football. They stand still with buckets and platters of chicken wings, its like an unwritten rule. It was predicted by theNational Chicken Councilthat this years Super Bowl Americans will eat roughly 1.33 billion chicken wings. That is enough wings to circle the earth almost 3 times!

So, the world loves wings, thats been established. Now for some technical stuff. 3 pieces make up the wing; the drumette, the wingette or flat and the tip.

Drumettes are attached the body of the chicken, they have one main bone running through the middle and on either end, there are joints and cartilage. This section is meaty and has a fair amount of skin.
Weve arrived at the middle section of the wing called the Wingette or Flat. This part has two thin bones that stretch the length of the flat parallel to one another. It is completely wrapped with skin, making it a cut for the skin lovers out there.
The Tips. Pointy, small and are virtually only skin, bone, and cartilage, the tips offer no serious amount of meat but are perfect for those who love to nibble the skin off.

Fried Chicken Wings

Stop flapping about and tell me how to cook my own wings already you say? Okay

Some recipes will call for you to cut the wings into the three sections that we talked about above. Why you ask? It comes back to that a whole wing isnt evenly shaped or the same thickness all the way around. By cutting it up, we swear itll pay off, youll have sections that sit flatter on the barbie or in the pan which are easier to move and flip, making for a more evenly cooked wing. But the real benefit is that everyone can eat their favourite sections, all you need to do now is make sure that the people you invite around dont like the same sections as you and Voila!

Chicken wingsare flexible and can handle being cooked almost any way youd like. Pop them on the barbie, fry them, roast them, pan fry them or broil them. As for flavouring, the options are limitless, you can use a Dry rub or a Wet rub, a glaze or even if youd like a marinade.

The benefits of wings dont end there, the bones, skin and cartilage (and wing tips if you dont eat them) are fabulous for making stocks and broths, by giving body and rich flavour as well as providing you with important collagen and saving you extra coinage.

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