Jackalope Spice Guide

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Since introducing the Pastrami Dry Rub into our House-Made pastrami, weve been hooked onJackalope Slow Foods dry rubs!

Todd Hill, owner of Jackalope Slow Foods shared with us the history and his mission behind this amazing range.

I first created my own dry rubs to use in my cooking when I started my own market and catering business. The goal was to create unique flavour combinations with no additives, colours or flavour enhancers ensuring that only the best ingredients were used. Being a 3rd generation cook, both my mother and grandmother taught me the importance of scratch cooking, and not cutting corners when it comes to ingredients. The feedback we received from our customers about our blend of flavours was so strong that we decided to take the next step and make them available for people to use at home.

All of our rubs are hand blended in small batches to ensure the highest quality. Whether it be seasoning your cut of meat, or using them as a base for your next meal, dry rubs are an easy and inexpensive way to transform your next meal into something seriously special. But remember good cooking always starts with good ingredients and with the best quality meat. If youre looking to buy a dry rub, you should always look for rubs that contain no preservatives, colours, flavours or anti-caking agents. All of these things are just diluting your spice mix, and wont add real value to your cooking.

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The Jackalope Slow Food Range

Jackalope adobo spice
Adobo Signature Spice

The Adobo Signature Rub
Adobo is excellent on both red and white meats as adry rub, but can alsobe mixed with passata to create your own wet rub or marinade. Next time you make a stew or casserole, sprinkle a couple of tablespoons in to give itan extra flavour boost; a little bit of heat, and a little bit of sweet.

Pastrami Rub
The Pastrami Rub, very appropriately named, was designed to turn a corned beef into deliciouspastrami. Not exclusive to beef, the heavy pepper and fragrant spice blend, also works great on other meats such aschicken.

Frombologneseto chicken, sprinkle the SPG anywhere youd season. But with its perfect blend of kosher salt, fine garlic granule and restaurant grade pepper, the SPG is particularly outstanding on all beef cuts fromsteaksto low and slow cuts like brisket andbeef ribs.

Jackalope memphis magic
Memphis Magic Dust

Memphis Magic Dust

Memphis Magic Dustwas developed especially for white meats and pork. Dust the salty and spicy kick of flavour over pulled pork, or as a dry rub onpork chopsorfillets. Dust overchicken wingsfor wonderful hot wings or overchicken breasts, then slice and use them in wraps.

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