Salad vs meat? We say both!

Nikki Stephens

Ford vs Holden, I get. Coke vs Pepsi, yeah okay, that too. But salad vs meat? Cmonits 2019 already! Surely, weve moved on from that particular either/or battle! In the words of everyones favourite taco commercial, por que no los dos? Anyway, to answer that rhetorical question, yes. Yes, we can indeed have both.
But what meat goes best with salad? And what are the ratios? To be honest, theres a lot to be said for just grillingup a steak (sirloin is a great choice) and tossing in the slices with a green garden salad. If youre feeling more adventurous, though, check out this mouth-watering list of twenty salad recipes for meat lovers. Youre welcome.