Scotch Fillet and Eye Fillet, Arent They the Same Thing?

Nikki Stephens

Nope! Although they do share some things in common; like most blind dates they find out their differences very quickly. (Unlike half of Tinder though, these steaks have excellent table manners.)Okay, so we know they share some common traits they both rank highly in taste and tenderness but, at their core, the scotch fillet (above left) and the eye fillet (above right) are two very different cuts of meat.

Scotch fillets (aka sirloin or porterhouse) are from the rib section in the forequarter of the animal.If you took a rib-eye steak and removed the bone, BAM! What youre left with is in fact a scotch fillet (also known as a boneless rib-eye).This muscle is a support muscle, which doesnt actually have a lot of movement, meaning its super tender. Could this cut get any better? Well, yes! This cut performs beautifully in both hot and fast cooking such as classic pan-frying and barbecuing, so no need to sit around staring longingly into the oven waiting for the bell to ring.

Considered the most tender cut from an animal, the eye fillet (also called the beef fillet and beef tenderloin) is a strip of muscle that comes from the hindquarter of the animal that is tucked up next to the backbone. The eye fillet has been placed high upon a pedestal for its tenderness and delicate flavour. This muscle does the least amount of work in an animals body, making it very lean and almost free from fat and connective tissue. From roasting the whole strip to slicing it into steaks, this cut not only tastes great but is very versatile.

So, differences aside, the eye fillet and the scotch fillet are both much loved and versatile cuts that we simply adore. We strongly recommend trying out both cuts out for yourself, wed hate for you to miss out on such soul-satisfying dining experiences.