The cheeky cut, we simply adore!

Lexi Gugger

Beef Cheeks, really? Yep, its a thing

Yep, certainly not the most popular cut, but Beef Cheeks deserve a second glance. Theyre a tough cut Beef Cheek2(inward groan) but bear with them, they might just win you over! Its a hard-working and resilient lean cut, that comes packed to the brim with connective tissue, which despite sounding like a bad thing is actually a very good thing. Whencooked the connective tissue transforms into gorgeous collagen, not to mention the meat cooks down into soft, melt-in-your-mouth kind of goodness.

This cuts cooking style is hands down wet, low and slow. This means submerging it in a liquid (red wine is divine with cheek), at a low heat cooked over a long period of time. If youve got stews, braises, casseroles or curries on your mind, Beef Cheeks should be the cut that pops into your mind asyour go-to cut.

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