The secret cut that other Butchers are not sharing with you

Lexi Gugger

Jono and Mr Voodoo himself George Francisco let you in on the cut that butchers have been hidingfor years!

But not us! We want to share this rare, flavourful, highly understated cut with you. More commonly known as the Butchers steak, the Hanger steak is a cut that traditionallybutchers would keep for themselves. The hanger steak hangs from the last rib, hence the name. When cuts of meat are taken from an animal, there are always two or more of the same cut, but what makes this the hanger steak unique is that there is only one on each animal. Despiteits rarity, its a cut that doesnt come with a heftyprice tag, at less than $20kg it is one of the best value cuts of organic steak you will find.

One 450g portion for $8.80, would feed two people for a main course, equating to $4.40 per person for organic steak!

The texture and the flavour is similar but unarguably superior the more common Flank Steak. Hanger steaks are best cooked over high heat after being allowed to marinade, which will bring some serious flavour and give the meat some extra tenderness. For maximum satisfaction with this cut its best to cook it to rare or medium rare and sliced thinly. It goes well will mexcian flavours in tacos and is also popular as a slow cook option.

Youll find our Hanger steaks in our online store or stashed away in the pre-pack fridge in-Store.Want something similar to Hanger steaks? Try a Skirt steak or a Flank steak instead.

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