A great many of our customers feed their whole family, both furry and fur-less from the local produce we source from organic and free range family run farms.

Often they've been referred by Vets recommending a raw natural diet (for the furry ones especially), including Dr Renee O'Duhring from our neighbours, The Natural Vets

Renee is outspoken about the importance of a diet that most closely mimics how a species would eat in the wild.


Feeding a Raw Natural Diet for Optimal Health

Feeding a natural diet is one of the most important steps you can take to ensure your pet’s long-term health and well-being.  But what exactly is a Natural Diet and how does it look in our modern world?

A Natural Diet is a diet that most closely mimics how a species would eat in the wild, what they have evolved on.  Meat, organ meats, bone, leafy green matter, fibre and a good source of fats – that’s what your domestic carnivore, cat or dog, needs to thrive. See full article here 

The Natural Vets website is a great resource for further dietary information.


The Bella & Boots Story 

Jono's old blue heeler Bella lived until she was 17. Not a bad innings, but it might have been even longer if he had only found the importance of diet before she was ten. Even then the changes of a raw diet rich in sardines saw a transformation with her arthritis improving, her itchy skin and smelly coat changing to the kind of furry friend you just want to bury your face in. 

With so many apparently reputable commercial pet food brands coming under fire for the poor quality and damaging health consequences on animals we felt we were in a position to offer something exceptional.

As we source whole bodies from a our farmers, we have always had high quality Organic and Free Range trim, offal, bones and off cuts.

We set out to produce the best possible pet food recipe using the best ingredients we could find.

So we turned to our highly regarded neighbour Dr Renee O'Duhring [BVSc (Hons) CVCHM (IVAS) GradDip VCHM (CIVT)] at The Natural Vets.

Under Renee's guidance we have developed Bella & Boots Raw Natural Diet recipe being her recommended mix of Meat, organ meats, bone, leafy green matter, fibre and a good source of fats, as well a natural fermented organic liquid mineral and trace element supplement.

Complimenting our products in the recipe are organically grown greens sourced locally from Mick at Good Harvest, and wild caught fish from Heidi at MSC certified Walker Seafoods. Like us, these amazing suppliers don't sell 'human grade food for pets', they sell top quality food for ALL the family.

Also available are Bella & Boots single protein mixes of Organic Beef, Wild Kangaroo and Free Range Chicken.