The small family run farms that supply our store were selected because they set the benchmark for industry practises for Organic and Free Range farming with a high focus on animal welfare.

Meet the farmers




The carcasses arrive whole to our premises, straight from farmer, to abattoir (which is either on the property or close by), to us. Here we cut and break them down, following which we age the beef in our cold room for a couple of weeks before presenting it beautifully in the cabinet for you.

With the plethora of suppliers claiming their products are free-range or ‘virtually’ organic, we insist on sourcing our bodies from farmers who carry free range or organic certification. This is our assurance to our customers that what they are purchasing is the ‘real deal.’ Where a product does not carry certification, such as in the case of a couple of high demand primary cuts that we may need to purchase from a wholesaler, our customers can be assured that it is the highest quality, most natural ‘non-certified’ product available AND it will be labelled accordingly.

We also have available a variety of other meats including pasture raised ducks, geese, quail and spatchcock, as well as game meats such as rabbit, crocodile, emu, pigeon (squab) and venison.

Our ethically raised meats are popular because the variety is massive… the flavour is a ‘taste-bomb’… the quality is amazing….the meat is clean and pure….and our butcher’s present it like no other!

Organic Products