Organic Beef and Free Range Pork. Ready to eat or reheat in hot water.

Our range of 'made on-premises' small goods use meat from animals which are broken down by our butchers. We take pride in the high quality meat which is used in our smallgoods. There is a small amount of nitrates used in our bacon and ham to ensure normal shelf-life (only 5% of the conventional level of nitrate is used, and after cooking, lab analysis showed less than one part in 10,000 is comprised of residual nitrates). Our pork is sourced from Dawson Valley Free Range, which is located around 300km north-west of Bundaberg. Dawson Valley pigs are fed a grain ration, as all pigs need to be, however it is GMO free and merely supplements their natural diet. No chemicals, growth stimulants or antibiotics are used in the management of livestock, and on the rare occasion that there is a sick animal who needs medication, then this animal is removed from the sale stock.