Frozen in packs of 9 -approx 750g

Grass-fed organic beef sausages. Cooking Suggestion: BBQ or pan fry

Preservative And Flour Free. Ingredients: Organic Beef, Org Cauliflower, Org Pumpkin, Org onion, Org Garlic, Salt, White Pepper. Does Not Contain Gluten, Flour or Preservatives

Our preservative free sausages are frozen immediately for maximum shelf life? These sausages are also gluten free and suitable for Paleo Diets.

Beef sausages are made on-premises by Sunshine Coast Organic Meats using meat from animals which are broken down by our butchers. We take pride in the high quality meat which is used in our sausages.

The organic Angus cattle are grass-fed at Shane and Jane Elliot's property south of Jackson in South West Queensland. Cattle are typically raised to 18 months. The Elliot's also own a small abattoir; the vertically integrated operation ensures the humane treatment of animals at all stages of their lives.