Dawson Valley Free Range supply all of the shop’s pork. Kim and Lucy House run their PROOF certified free range farm in Baralaba, QLD and produce pork that tastes like pork should!

Unlike over 95% of Australian produced pork, the pigs’ on the House’s farm are not raised in intensive farming systems. There are no sow stalls, no teeth or tail cutting and no nose rings! Instead they are raised on open pasture, with access to shelter huts and are allowed the enjoyment of digging and rooting around in the pasture and mud!

Dawson Valley pigs are fed a grain ration, as all pigs need to be, however it is GMO free and merely supplements their natural diet. No chemicals, growth stimulants or antibiotics are used in the management of livestock, and on the rare occasion that there is a sick animal who needs medication, then this animal is removed from the sale stock.

In order to maintain certification, the House’s must uphold vigorous standards as to how their animals are kept and cared for, from birth right through to delivery at our butcher shop. They are subject to strict annual audits and unannounced audits.

As Kim and Lucy point out, pasture raised, grass fed pork is not only tastier, but healthier.

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