Pawganics Pet Food

Pawganics Pet Food

Some exciting news... 

We have some exciting news.  Chris & Jono  - the guys behind Sunshine Coast Organic Meats and Bella & Boots are switching it up a little.

Committed to organic and ethical meat production, Jono has always had a keen eye on Eumundi Meats, and when it came up for sale he jumped on the opportunity, Jono will now be managing Eumundi Meats and with Bella & Boots always being his baby it will stay with him.  

Chris will continue managing Sunshine Coast Organic Meats and is introducing a new pet food range Pawganic Pet Food

Developed by Sunshine Coast Organic Meats and local pet naturopath and nutritionist Ruth Hatten. Up until the end of October, Pawganic Pet Food is offering 25% off all orders in the new range and 5% off thereafter for subscribers. Use Code PAWSPECIAL.

Introducing new Pawganics Organic Pet Food

Sunshine Coast Organic Meats will no longer be making Bella & Boots. The exciting news is that we have teamed up with acclaimed Sunshine Coast pet nutritionist Ruth Hatten to produce what we believe is the ideal food for your pet: Pawganic Pet Food. 

Pawganic Pet Food is designed to align with your pet’s evolutionary diet, which means organic (or in the case of fish, wild caught from the ocean), whole and fresh ingredients specially formulated to be eaten raw by your pet. 



We currently have pet meals for both your cat and dog, in three styles. 

The “Evolutionary” meal 
The “Evolutionary” meals are designed by Ruth Hatten to give your dog all their nutritional requirements, being a blend of meat, organs, minced bones, vegetables, and other natural nutritional additives, and are made raw, from either certified organic or wild ingredients. 

The “Enhanced” meal
The “Enhanced” meals offers a mix of raw meats, alongside other organic ingredients such as seasonal vegetables, sardines and whole eggs, to provide a more nutritionally complex meal for your pet.

The “Raw” meals
The Sunshine Coast Organic Meats “Raw” range of pet meals contain pure meat for your pet and nothing else, so it mimics your pet’s evolutionary diet. These “raw” meals are ideal for rotating into your pet’s usual meals to provide a better balanced diet.

We have created three kinds of meals at three different price points, without compromising quality, to ensure your pet can get the most out of their diet no matter what. This is our first week live, so expect to see more products added onto the website all the time. 

Just like before, you can come in store at Forest Glen to see the meals for yourself on the shelf or ask our friendly butchers anything you need to know. You can order from the Pawganic Range online at Sunshine Coast Organic Meats and combine with your regular order or order direct at Pawganic Pet Food. Read our FAQ or more about the story of how we built Pawganic Pet Food. We will also continue to release fortnightly blogs on a range of topics to make you laugh, think, inspired or learn.

If you were or are a subscriber of Bella & Boots, we want to make the transition smoother by offering you 25% off until the end of October. For members of our “Paws Club”, there's an ongoing discounts of 5%. Use Code PAWSPECIAL.

There is also a free optional bowl with the first order for new customers or Bella and Boots customers switching to Pawganic Pet FoodCheck out all of that and more on our website; our pet meals are ready to be ordered now. See you there!