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Our Signature Range Preservative Free Sausages Are About to Rock Your World!

Inspired by the history and flavour of sausages across the globe, from Romania to Italy, Wales to Oxford. We bring you our Signature Range. They’re all preservative and artificial flavour free.



Artificial Flavours

Chemical Nitrates


Preservatives are notorious for their impact on health. Though research outcomes vary, the consensus is that artificial preservatives most often found in pre-packaged foods, deli meats, and fast food can cause a variety of health problems. Asthma symptoms, loss of important nutrients, headaches, decreased energy as well as potential carcinogen intake. All of this to say, eating preservatives is not ideal if you can help it. We’ve always strived to provide our customers with health-conscious, accessible, and delicious options so they don’t have to compromise on the things they love. 

Though Sunshine Coast Organic Meats has offered preservative free sausages for a long time, we felt it was time to freshen up the range with some amazing flavours. We wanted to ensure everyone could enjoy the great taste of exciting sausages without compromising their health.

That’s why we’ve linked up with a popular chef on the Sunshine Coast to introduce our new Signature Range. We were inspired by the history and flavour of sausages across the globe, from Romania to Italy, Wales to Oxford. After lots of hard work recipe developing and testing (including taking a delicious bite each step of the way), we’ve finalised our Signature Range. There will be some sausages that are familiar to you and some that may be brand new, but one thing about each of them is the same: they’re all preservative and artificial flavour free. We wanted to provide you with sausages that were delicious without sacrificing on the goodness inside of them, which means no preservatives, no artificial flavours, and organic certified ingredients whenever we can.

Preservatives have been pervasive in conventional meat to extend the shelf life which, for minced meat like the kind found in these sausages, is only a few days. Instead, our preservative-free sausages are frozen just after they’ve been made, meaning they retain all their delicious nutrients without going off in your fridge. Don’t fret, defrosting sausages is easy as! They don’t take long to thaw out, and on those lazy Sunday mornings when every minute counts they can be thawed in a matter of minutes under a slow tap or in a bowl of water. 

Find out more about each curated sausage below or jump ahead and view the range online!

Our Signature Range of Preservative Free Sausages...

Beef and Liver Sausages

Couldn’t get into steak and kidney pie but don’t want to pass up the amazing benefits of the underrated organ meats? Try our new Beef and Liver sausages! They’re packed full of delicious flavour from organic, high-quality beef and organic beef liver to make these sausages the best iron bomb you’ve ever eaten. You can also enjoy the benefits of vitamin B12, vitamin A, riboflavin and copper wrapped up in a scrumptious preservative-free package. We replaced preservatives with all the good stuff, making beef and liver sausages a guilt-free and body-friendly addition to a full English breakfast, bangers and mash, or in a classic Australian curry sausage.

Voodoo Bacon, Rye Whiskey, Beef Sausages

Sunshine Coast Organic Meats loves Voodoo Bacon so much, we had to make a sausage which embodied its home style and delicious flavour. Inspired by the American South, nothing pairs like applewood smoked bacon and dark whiskey. Whether you eat it for breakfast in your Sunday best, add it to a pot of veggies and stock to elevate a classically flavoured Gumbo or simply grill and enjoy the delicious flavours on its own, you’ll taste the best of Voodoo Bacon. However you eat it, know you’re eating it free of chemical nitrates and preservatives, leaving nothing but a delicious taste in your mouth. 

Romanian (Beef) Sausages

If the image of little streets and bustling markets make you think of Romania, you will love this sausage. Romanians gather to celebrate and eat this sausage the way we gather to enjoy prawns, sausage sizzles and cold beers. With indulgently complex flavours such as clove, brown sugar, all spice, coriander and suet (yes, that’s right. This really is an indulgent sausage), you get to enjoy the culture, flavour and feel of Romania in every bite. We were inspired by the authenticity of Romanian food and wanted to celebrate it in these purely flavour, no preservative sausages.

Oxford Beef Sausages

The Oxford Beef sausage may sound unfamiliar to you, but it has a familiar profile which you’ll love. With wholesome beef, nutmeg, ginger and a dash of cayenne, it creates a flavour profile as sophisticated and deep as the place it comes from. You can enjoy Oxford Beef sausages in their original form with mashed potato and gravy or use them for any sausage-related dishes your heart desires (and even some non-sausage related ones. You’re the boss!). While Oxford has managed to be preserved for hundreds of years, these sausages won’t be, without preservatives or stabilisers: only a classic list of ingredients whipped up by a renowned che

Italian Fennel Sausages

Looking for something a bit more adventurous than your usual beef sausages? Look no further than our Italian Fennel sausages. They’re packed full of traditional Italian flavours, including chilli flakes and black pepper, but elevated with our secret ingredient: fennel. Okay, so it's not so secret, it’s in the name. What is a secret is the power of the fennel flavour. The fennel seeds we include in this Italian Fennel sausage are slightly peppery, zesty and reminiscent of anise flavour. Combined with the indulgent, slightly sweet taste of pork, all of the ingredient work together to create a sausage better than the Romans made it. The Romans were right about one thing though, and that is freedom from preservatives and artificial flavours. With this line up of ingredients, they’ll be gone before you know it!

Greek Fetta & Kalamata Olive Sausages

You can taste the salt and the brine of the Mediterranean Sea off the coast of Mykonos in this sausage. If you’ve ever wanted to visit the home of olives in Athens or smell feta churning as it solidifies into creamy blocks, our Greek Feta and Kalamata Olive sausages give you the chance right here at home. Their inspired taste isn’t the only benefit to these delicious sausages, but their nutrition, too. Greek people thrived with the likes of olives and feta cheese for centuries, owing to their antioxidants, high quality “good fats”, vitamin E and calcium. The Mediterranean diet is popular for a reason, not just because of its delicious flavours and interesting ingredients, but because of its amazing health benefits. Our Greek-inspired sausages are even better without preservatives, so you’re getting all the nutrition and none of the yuck. If you want to try something different and feel the sun on your skin, get your hands on some of these. 

Chorizo Sausages

Does Chorizo even need an introduction? This spicy sausage is a popular food in many parts of the world, including Spain, Portugal, Mexico, and Latin America and is packed full of delicious, familiar ingredients: pork, paprika, garlic, and other spices. Whether you’re tossing it with pasta, layering it on pizza or carefully balancing it on a cracker with a piece of cheese, Chorizo is a classic sausage. We took the classic spiced chorizo and elevated it, with 0% preservatives and 100% amazing flavour. 

Beef, Pork, Potato and Sage Sausages

If you can’t decide what you want to eat because everything sounds good (or maybe nothing does) turn to our new signature Pork, Beef, Potato, and Sage sausages. That’s right, two kinds of meat AND potatoes. It’s nearly an entire dinner in one yummy, natural casing — you can eat sausages for every meal. All you’re missing is an easy side salad, a good heaping of A1 sauce and a cold beer. The only thing lacking about our Pork, Beef, Potato and Sage sausages is that they’re not in your fridge right now. Our absolute strike of genius doesn’t just end at the flavour though, we’ve also made these completely preservative and artificial flavour free, which means everything inside is good for your insides.

Lincolnshire Sausages

Picture this: a warm cup of mulled wine, a fireplace crackling nearby, a plate full of freshly picked and roasted veggies, a creamy sauce and a Lincolnshire sausage brimming with all spice, nutmeg, ginger and sage. Okay, so maybe it's more like the aircon blasting while you sit in front of the tv watching footy, eating the veggies you accidentally left in the oven for too long. But the sausage, and the flavours, are still there. The Lincolnshire is the friend who's always up for anything, it’s a great sausage for any occasion. This delicious sausage has also gotten an upgrade, with no preservatives or artificial flavourings — it elevates even the most rushed dinner plans.

Lamb, Mint & Rosemary Sausages

Christmas year-round is easy with our new lamb, mint, and rosemary signature sausages. Whether you’re a ham, lamb or seafood kind of person at Christmas, no one can deny the picturesque thought of a warm roast for a festive dinner. Mint and rosemary elevate the mild sweetness of the lamb and adds a refreshing sense you can only find in the highest quality herbs. Christmas is the time to take a second to truly enjoy the good stuff and, yes, this sausage is the good stuff. It is stuffed with natural flavours and NO preservatives, making it as pure as joy on Christmas morning. It makes that joy available to you not just in December, or July, but year-round.

Lamb Welsh Sausages

You can only imagine what cool things come out of a country with a dragon on its national flag, and one of those cool things is this sausage. The original sausage would be made with locally grown, grass-fed lamb, seasonal ingredients, and the magic of knowing the ingredients like the back of your hand. We wanted to reflect the power and flavour of the original Welsh sausages with our own take. Boosted by the delicious earthy, slightly sweet flavour of leek, we made Lamb Welsh sausages the way they’re meant to be made: with local ingredients, no preservatives and from the heart. From our heart to your bellies, enjoy the sweet pastoral flavour of these Lamb Welsh sausages.

Italian Style Chicken Sausages

Italians have such a breadth of cuisine including pizzas, pastas, fresh baked goods and antipasto (like bruschetta). Their dishes range from herb heavy with classic oregano and parsley, to red spicy with peppers, paprika and chilis. We wanted to harness the flavours of the quintessential Italian summer in a sausage to enjoy on the barbecue or mixed into Italian dishes such aspasta alla norcina. Chicken is a great mild canvas for the flavour of chilli flakes, oregano and whole fennel. It is found across the regions of Italy as a staple of their diet as a lean but protein rich meat. When you combine all of these ingredients, it makes a sausage you could enjoy in a cobblestone city, a coastal village, or looking out at a stretch of farms. Enjoy all Italy has to offer as the Romans did, with natural flavours and no preservatives — as pure as the Italian sun.

Chicken, Spinach & Pine Nut Sausages

Have you dreamt of having your own garden? Rows of leafy greens and aromatic herbs and root vegetables growing down into the earth. While a dream garden may not be attainable for you, the taste of fresh ingredients can be, with our Chicken, Spinach and Pine Nut sausages. The chicken and spinach are mild but delicious flavours, elevated by the crunch and salty, nutty flavour of the pine nuts. Whether you’re looking for a perfect pair with roast veggies and mash, or you’re mixing it into pasta with an extra dash of herbs and fresh cut tomatoes, these Chicken, Spinach and Pine Nut sausages are perfect for your plate. We keep the pure flavour even purer with no preservatives, so they can be as fresh and clean as if you’d made them yourself.