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About Us

Our customers

Are conscientious, thoughtful and appreciate quality. They share a respect for animals and for their own health. We provide excellent customer service which includes sharing advice and recipes, cutting the meat the way the customer likes, and taking bags to the car. We strive for transparency and integrity.

Experience what meat should taste like at Sunshine Coast Organic Meats. Originating more than 25 years ago in the main street of Forest Glen on the Sunshine Coast, our business was a pioneer in the QLD organic meat industry. Whilst the name of the butcher shop has undergone a couple of changes, in 2013 it moved to its current location, around the corner from the original store, where it operates beside Australia’s largest organic supermarket. 

We source whole, pasture-raised livestock directly from just a handful of certified organic and free-range QLD farms. Our farmers are committed to the health and wellbeing of the animals, soil and plants. No chemical fertilisers, pesticides, herbicides, growth promotants, GMO’s or antibiotics are used at any time. 

Our specialist butchery has an excellent reputation for quality and variety, with a loyal local and distant customer base.We stock organic and free-range lamb, beef, veal and chickens as well as free-range pork. Our extensive product range also includes preservative and gluten free sausages and value-added products. With a smokehouse on the premises, we smoke our own ham and bacon and prepare a large range of other small goods. Specialty chocolates and gourmet cooking products add to delights available for those who appreciate quality and are looking for that ‘something special.’