You can go ahead and order now. 

Please read the following details carefully. 

 • We are requesting people set up fortnightly or longer orders, so we will be able to help more people stay at home and service more households in this challenging time. 

 • While we are broadly well stocked, we still have some specific stock shortages. Please anticipate out of stock items. We will not have time to contact everyone regarding these, so I recommend adding in your notes any substitutes you would be happy to take. Refunds will be processed where required. 

 • With the massive increase in demand for deliveries we need more time preparing orders. Please ensure all one off orders are placed at least a full day before delivery (i.e by Wednesday for Friday). 

 • For Meat Club recurring orders, we are looking at ways to bring forward or at least lock down orders to a similar time frame. It's never as simple as you'd think so in the meantime can you do us a favour by also making any changes at least a full day before. 

 • We are trying to get Greg on the road as early as possible, however you can expect Noosa end deliveries may be arriving early evening. 

 • NOTE - we see no reason why we will not be able to maintain continuous supply so there is no need to over order. 


A final reminder that as always exact weights are impossible to achieve. 

The team is instructed that items may be plus or minus 5% on individual items as long as the total order weight/value is right and fair. 

Underweight items more than 5% will have partial refund. 

 Thanks for your understanding and patience while we cope with the current situation. 

 I have lifted the drawbridge on orders, but have not changed the wording on the website so our waitlist customers have priority. 

 I also suggest ordering promptly as we will have to ‘lower the drawbridge’ again shortly for another wait period. 


 P.S. TECHNICAL TIP -At the enter postcode, select date and time stage, it offers only one time option however you still need to click on it to go ahead. It's been tripping a few people up. 😊