1 Beer for the recipe, 2 for the cook! Thats an odd recipe

Some would say its unconventional, others would say its pure genius. We are hands down with the latter. Cooking with beer is a whole new ball game and a very tasty one at that. As if we needed any more reasons to stock more beer in our pantries!


Braised Beef Ribs

Jono recently used beer in his cooking and produced this stunner of a dish beer braised beef ribs with pasta, fresh kumato tomatoes, parmesan cheese and homemade pesto. Jono vouches that it always tastes better the next day, but when it looks this good who could ever have leftovers? Cooking with beer will bring big rewards to those who dare to try. Are you going to be the next Beer Cooking Master?


Here's some inspiration or beer-spiration as we like to call it!
  • Mix beer in to help lighten up batter when cooking fish, calamari, or anything you want! Try using a lager or full-bodied stout beer for maximum flavour.
  • Add beer into a marinade, mix with a dry rub or add it to other sauces like ketchup or mustard for a full flavoured knock out sauce.
  • Cook fish or chicken in beer to give it all the moisture it needs to stay, oh so juicy and succulent!
  • Adding beer to a soup will add a multitude of flavour that is simply unique.
  • Darker beers pair best with beef and will give you with the greatest level of flavour.
  • For your low and slow recipes, beer brings out complex layers of flavour and helps to get a rich deep colouring.
  • Soaking or brining your chicken in beer will break down the proteins making the meat uber succulent and tender while packing it full with malty flavoured goodness.

*Please consume alcohol responsibly.