1 chicken = 3 meals. Have your chicken and eat it too!

1 chicken = 3 meals.
Have your chicken and eat it too!

One of our favourite budget-friendly life hacks is the glorious whole chicken! Check out our three meal guide where we show you not only that this can save you money but shows you how to get your full moneys worth from the produce you buy.

One chicken can go a long way, it can feed you three times, not just the once saving you money on other meat and grocery expenses. This three meal plan can also be used with two chickens (catering for larger numbers).

First meal: Roast your chicken. Have a wonderful roast chicken seasoned with a dry rub or with a strong mustard. Serve with some sweet potato mash and roast vegetables.

Second meal: From your roast chicken you'll want to use the leftovers or if your household is like ours, use the chicken breast you put aside to make pulled chicken sandwiches or pull the chicken breast and use it to top off a yummy Waldorf or Caeser salad.

Third meal: Meal number three comes from the juice and bones left over from the roast chicken. If you have any of the gorgeous juice left from the roasted chicken, put that all with the bones and some water in a slow cooker. Cook for 4-5 hours and strain. This will leave you with a wonderful collagen loaded chicken stock. Or to make a soup add carrots, leek and other vegetables of choice in around the 3-hour mark. Serve with some crunchy bread.

A Whole 1.8kg Organic Bendele Chicken is $30.50, (or $21.22 for Bendele Free Range), assuming this makes three meals for 4 people you are paying only $2.55 per person per meal of chicken (not including other ingredients), or $1.77 for Free Range.

For three big eaters then its still only $3.38 per person and $2.36 pp Free range.

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