A salute to salami

Cured sausage is truly one of humankinds greatest inventions. Its delicious on its own or as a simple sandwich with butter, but its also surprisingly versatile there are so many other ways to use this moreish, flavour-packed meat. Want to use salami more in your cooking? Next time you're planning a meal with bacon, try salami instead!

Other brilliant uses of salami include slicing it into small strips and adding to pasta dishes and green salads or sprinkling pan-fried strips over a baked potato or nachos. You can also add it to frittatas, quiches, omelettes, pizza toppings, or make it the hero of a wicked toasted sandwich. If you want to get all fancy however, go for a stunning bite-size entree, like figs stuffed with goat cheese and salami. Yum.

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