Are you prepared for the incoming change?

Its been all over the news and the change is coming in full swing. Are you ready?

As of the 1stof July, Queensland will be free of single-use plastic bags. This change is massive not only for consumers like you but also for businesses like us. Despite the uproar, there has been about this change we personally think it is a great healthy push for us as a business to take yet another step toward more sustainable and ethical practices.

As single-use plastic bags go Bye Bye we say Hello to our Eco-Friendly bag options:

  • Our Sunshine Coast Organic Meats Cooler bag
  • 2 different sizes of heavy duty paper brown bags
  • A woven fabric bag

With all these alternatives you don't need to worry about being left high and dry!

In light of this change, we are running a special designed to help you get ready for the switch. Be sure to start collecting cooler bags that not only look chic but will keep your meat fresher and safer for longer.

Jump on board with our latest special and get ready for the change from single-use plastic bags to Eco-Friendly choices!

Spend $60 and receive a chic cooler bag for Free!

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Our cooler bags keep your goods cool and fresh no matter where you go (unless you're going to the sun, then we cant help you there).

*Limited to one per customer. In-store only.