Back to school

As January slips by, if you're a parent, your thoughts have mostly likely long left behind Santa Claus and have moved on to the pressing issue of finding the right shade of unicorn Contact for year-three exercise books. Yep, its nearly here BACK! TO! SCHOOL! While its often both a blessing (yay, daytime freedom!) and a curse (boo, drop offs and pick ups), there's one chore that usually tips the balance in favour of the boos school lunches.

Thankfully, cherished customer and local author Michele Lynch is here to save the day with her business The Clean Lunchbox. Like us, Michele celebrates grass-fed, organic and free-range food, and her website and new book is a treasure trove of information on how to find the school-lunch middle-ground between a Vegemite sandwich and the mind-boggling creations of Instagram and Pinterest.

And of course, if you'd like further inspiration on great back-to-school lunch ideas, call or come in store to chat to us about our ready-to-cook meals which are perfect for nutritious and delicious protein-packed leftovers.