An Eggciting Addition to your Easter (and your plate!)

An Eggciting Addition to your Easter (and your plate!)

Eggscelent ideas for using that leftover egg

 Have you ever blown out an egg for Easter? Where you pierce either side of a fresh egg with a needle and then blow from one end to the other to remove the insides. After a thorough rinse, the egg shell is clean, in-tact and safe to use for a variety of things, most commonly egg painting for Easter. 


When you blow an egg, you're removing the insides and, most often, discarding them. However, they're perfectly delicious eggs ready for a delicious scramble! In fact, eggs are so versatile they can be used in a variety of creative ways. However, if a basic scramble or other egg staple doesn't sound good to you, or you're blowing so many eggs for your family and friends that you'd be eating eggs for a month, there's a few other delicious ways you can use the eggy inside of your new easter eggs.

Egg Strata (with eggs and vegetables), toad-in-the-hole breakfast sandwich, spiced egg (like a scotch egg but with delicious herbs and seeds crusted on the outside), savoury oatmeal with a poached egg, soy marinade eggs (for ramen, stir fry, sandwiches or as a quick snack). 

You can check out the recipes for some of these ideas on our recipe blog, but it doesn't stop there. 

Add eggs from any of our three ethically produced, free-range or organic egg suppliers right here on our website to your Organic Meat Club order. It is easier to make more ethically-conscious decisions when you can shop in a place you trust. Ditch supermarket eggs and support local egg farmers: Piggy in the Middle (open, pasture raised eggs at only 100 hens per hectare), Ellerslie farm (1500 hens per hectare, certified organic) or Kenilworth Free-Range farm (free-range eggs with 900 hens per hectare). 

Organic or free-range eggs, where the hens can run free and live without extra stress or risk of illness and injury, are more delicious, and healthier too! 

Grab a dozen eggs next time you visit Sunshine Coast Organic Meats and enjoy some Easter festivities with your family!