perfect burger patties

Perfect Patties

Whack this Patty (onto your plate)

Things have been changing at Sunshine Coast Organic Meats, but somethings never change... like producing high-quality, delicious and organic meat favourites. Our butchers work hard behind the counter, but they're not the only ones who put in the hard work. 
Our store manager, Brett, has been experimenting with burger patties, using different combinations of meat, and minced and cut different ways. It can be hard to get burger patties wrong, but it's even harder to get them PERFECT. As such a quintessential part of most peoples' dinner rotation, easy, quick and delicious, we wanted to aim for the stars. 

The result? After an internal taste test, it was unanimous! We have perfected the classic beef patty

Our "Perfect" organic beef patties are made using a combination of lightly salted organic chuck steak and brisket, and prepared and cut against the minced grain, to give a taste sensation unlike a regular burger patty. It's Perfect paired with classic burger toppings like tomato, onion and lettuce, or trying something new like brie, peppery rocket and cranberry sauce.