Butcher Deans sneaky guilty pleasure.

The Oyster Blade steak, Butcher Deans sneaky guilty pleasure!

We always know when our butcher Dean is working because you can bet your bottom dollar that there is an Oyster Blade Steak sizzling away on the smoko hot plate. If its a butcher sneaky guilty pleasure, its a cut most definitely worth slapping on your hot plate too!
The cut is found on top of the shoulder blade and is easy to spot as it has a thin white line that runs right down the centre of it. That line is often mistaken for gristle but is actually an internal band of gorgeous gelatin that melts down when cooked. Gelatin is what takes this cuts flavour rating from Yum to Seriously Scrumptious!
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With a higher level of gelatin than gravy beef which also contains a great amount of gelatin, the Oyster Blade steak is perfect for stews, slow cooking and goulashes. The band of gelatin, which is great for our bodies, breaks down and gives the steak fantastic rich flavour and smooth texture. The Oyster Blade Steak is great when cooked in the slow cooker as it will begin to fall apart and it will get a texture very similar to pulled beef. Who doesn't love that? This steak is perfect for stuffing tacos but on its own is just as incredible!

Oyster Blade Steak excels when pan-fried, slow cooked, roasted or on the BBQ and delivers delicious results with minimal effort on your part! When you cook the Oyster Blade steak on the BBQ or in the pan, turn the heat back a little and take a couple extra minutes to cook it because the lower heat and slower time approach, will save your steak from becoming tough and chewy.

Be sure to try this cut, you might just fall head over hoofs for it, just like we did!