Chef's Meatloaf

Chef's Meatloaf

Best Ever Meatloaf

Meatloaf. It has a bad reputation among many but the best kept secret of many others, why is that? 

The truth is that meatloaf is one of those foods that is very easy to get wrong. But if you get it right, you can take meatloaf from a bland, grey and unsatisfying travesty on a plate to a delicious, warming winter staple. If you follow the recipe on our recipe blog and use these four “hacks” below, you may even surprise yourself by enjoying meatloaf multiple times a week!

1. Use meat that has enough fat content in it. 

Dry loaf? No thank you. No one wants to eat meat that’s dry, crumbly and saps all the moisture out of your mouth. Salivate instead with luxuriously juicy, melt in your mouth loaf by using meat with a high fat content. Most people keep costs down and health levels up by combining a high fat content like pork or lamb with a lower fat content meat, to keep a ton of the juiciness. You can also use entirely 70/30 or 80/20 beef content because, let’s be real, meatloaf is about comfort not health, right? 

2. Add ingredients that flavour your meatloaf. 

Speaking of being healthy, there is a way to elevate the health of your meatloaf if you want, by adding sautéed vegetables. Mirepoix ingredients such as carrot, celery and onion can add a delicious umami flavour to your meatloaf and add moisture as well. To add further moisture and flavour,  mix your favourite sauces into the mixture like we do in our recipe. Try barbecue sauce, Worcestershire sauce or soy sauce. You can also soak the breadcrumbs you’ll be using in milk, stock or tomato soup to add extra flavour (and the ever important moisture!)   

3. Perform like a professional 

Another way to improve your meatloaf, and every other meat dish you cook, is by investing in some good equipment, specifically an internal read thermometer. An internal read thermometer or a meat thermometer is a mighty instrument for keeping your family healthy and your food delicious. With an instant read thermometer you can get your meats up to food safe temperatures and no more, completely mitigating the risk of drying it out (and getting dinner on the table quicker). 

 4. Give it a rest. 

Just like with a delicious $50 steak, the meat needs time to rest. When resting, the meat juices (and all its flavour and moisture) to settle and redistribute themselves more evenly throughout the meatloaf. Don't be tempted to cut into it too soon,  just five minutes can provide you with delicious, juicy and still-warm meatloaf.