Chicken hacks, tips and tricks!

Eat What Makes You Happy

One word Chicken.

Simple hacks and tricks that will bring your Chicken eating experiences to a whole new height!

The internet has exploded with this next hack. For those who don't like handling meat, this is the one for you. Next time you need to shred hot cooked chicken breast or any other meat for that matter try using a hand mixer and you'll have shredded meat in a flash.

Let yoghurt do the hard work. Marinade your chicken in yoghurt which has lactic acid that breaks down some of that toughness and leaves you with a tender chicken that is ready for spicing and dressing up. As yoghurt doesn't leave an overpowering taste you are free to go nuts with herbs and spices.

To save on time and to make your chicken look just as amazing as it tastes, try butterflying a whole chicken before cooking in the oven or on the barbie. To get the crispiness chicken wings mix them around in a mixture of in salt and baking soda before frying them. The mix helps to pull any extra moisture from the skin while sealing in the juices on the inside.

Season a whole chicken inside and out! Gently guide your hand between the skin and the meat and stuff your favourite spice, dry rub and some butter in between to make sure you get the moistest tasty chicken ever. Cut a few slices of lemon and slide them between the skin and meat to get super tender chicken! Or if you are an all or nothing kind of person, or just someone who loves cheese, try stuffing quartered mozzarella balls or slices of brie under the skin and indulge in the gooey magic!

Shake things up and make Chicks in a blanket. Swap pork sausages for chicken sausages and the rest of the recipe stays the same.


Grab a chook or two and test these out for yourself. Wed love to hear your experience and any hacks you might know!