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Our Organic Meat Club is a customer favourite and something we pride ourselves on. The meat club is designed to make shopping cheaper, simpler and more stress-free; we love talking about the meat club. You can read more about our recent changes, the FAQ, and access the log in page, all on our website. 

The Organic Meat Club provides you with your favourite weekly staples whenever you want them, delivered straight to your door. This year we worked extra hard to make that process as user friendly as possible, to provide you with everything you could want; that includes our new feature: 

♡ ♡ Favourites ♡ ♡

A recent feature we've included is saving favourite products. When you remove or edit a product for your weekly order, it can get lost now that it's no longer on your list. In the past, you've looked at old orders to remember your favourite staples, but now with the favourite feature, everything you want is available in your favourites. You can watch the video for a visual run through here, but a simple how-to goes like this: 

Log in to your Sunshine Coast Organic Meat account. You can access the log in portal on your phone or desktop.

Head to the manage subscriptions page and scroll down to the bottom and click the add product button, which will send you to a search function. You can search for your favourite products: apple cider pork sausages, pork and veal rissoles, Jamaican Jerk butterflied chicken. A list will appear with the relevant products, which you can see with empty ♡'s beside it. If you want to mark a product as a favourite, click on the heart so it fills red. That means it is now a part of your favourite's list. 

When you return to the manage subscriptions page, beside the add product button is the new favourite product page. When you click it, you will be able to see and add favourites to your weekly (fortnightly, triweekly or once a month) order. 

You can add or remove favourites, use them to fill new orders or keep track of products you'd like to take a break from. This new feature will make finding and ordering your staples easier than ever.