Devastating impacts of farming

Devastating impacts of farming felt from the paddock to the beach and far beyond. Land-based farming has an enormous impact on our oceans, marine life and ocean-based farming.

Garbage On Beach

A scary 80% of marine pollution comes from land-based activities like oil leaks, toxic chemical and fertiliser runoffs and garbage that is carelessly or not properly discarded and recycled. This is an incredibly sad figure which has devasting effects as these factors destroy and disrupt marine life. This throws the entire oceanic food chain out of balance which has a domino effect on the entire food chain, of which we are a massive part. This means all the pollution that we like to think doesn't have any effect on us, finds its way back to our plates whenever we eat anything that is from the ocean, like fish, seaweed and even fish sauce.

How Organic Farming have anything to do with this? Well, lets start with the fact that Organic farms do not use GMO, chemical fertilisers, antibiotic filled, herbicide and pesticide sprayed feed, nor do they use any of these on their farm meaning the soil and animals are healthier which sees no chemical filled runoff as well as less garage waste. Organic farming is much more than just the use of no chemicals it sees sustainable practices like crop rotation, cover cropping and composting. These sustainable practices are a few of the many ways that organic and free-range farmers seek to be more environmentally friendly which have a small impact on a small scale but in the grand scheme of things have a rippling effect.