Do vegetarians live longer than those who aren't?

Almost 2.1 million Aussie adults diets are almost or completely vegetarian which for our population of about 24 million is not a huge number but they are on the rise. Reasons vary why people chose to take meat from their diet, some for religious reasons, animal welfare concerns and for health.


If the thought of living longer tempts you, becoming a vegetarian might not be your ticket to reach triple-digit numbers!

A large US study has shown that vegetarians do live longer than those who aren't and yet a British study demonstrates that vegetarians don't live longer. A study conducted over 6 years with 267,180 men and women didn't find any significant increased risk of early death between vegetarians and non-vegetarians.

Dr Melody Ding, a senior research fellow at the University of Sydney told The Sydney Morning Herald If vegetarians do live longer, it may be because they're fitter overall, less likely to smoke, booze or be overweight.

Coming back to the age old saying of a well-balanced diet with regular exercise seems to be the best way to ensure you get a letter from the Queen one day!