Doctors Orders

Doctors Orders

Good news right from the doctors mouth.

Note taking

In an interview with the SBS, Dr Michael Mosley said I do think the dangers of red meat have been seriously overstated. If you have the grass-fed stuff I think its fine. Dr Mosley went on to explain that red meat and beef, in particular, is, in particular, a source of protein, iron and B12 all of which support the blood cell health and brain function.

Later in the interview, Dr Mosley went on talk about the shift in focus that people should be making. A shift that will see people placing more emphasis on the types of meat that they eat and the standard of that meat. We all know that antibiotics, growth hormones and synthetic food, is not healthy for us, so why would we eat animals whose diet was just that?

We think it is safe to say that Organic and Free-Range grass-fed meat is going to provide you with the best quality eating and be the safest option that is free from harmful unseen nasties that are so readily found in conventional meats. Great news, right? The even greater news is that we here at Sunshine Coast Organic Meats, crazy enough we actually sell an extensive range Organic and Free-Range meats and all of our Organic Red meats are grass-fed. Next time you order online or pick up In-Store any of our Organic Red meats you can be happy knowing that Dr Mosley is on your side and for the right reasons!