Does Organic mean high animal welfare?

Certified organic is the best guarantee you'll get that meat has been produced humanely. Choice

Organic certification places a strong emphasis on animal welfare which tremendously impacts the quality of the meat for the better. By choosing meat that has been raised by industry best practice high animal welfare means the animal had a humane and low-stress orientated life and that the end product is more tender and better tasting meat than that of conventionally raised animals.

If you are trying to work out if the meat you are looking at buying is Organic, Choice found that price was a helpful indicator, stating organic meat costs more, so it pays to know what you're buying. Organic meat doesn't always have to cost an arm and a leg, we can assure you of that but if you ever come across Organic meat that seems super cheap, the motive is certainly present to question its credibility. Our rule of thumb is if a butcher or even the back of packaged meat cant tell you from where the meat comes from and cant prove that the meat is organic either through a certified organic label or accreditation, then we would suggest that you don't buy it. If they cant or wont tell you exactly what it is, how can you be sure you are getting Organic meat and not some dodgy cut that has been pumped full with harmful nasties like anti-biotics?

Breath easy when you shop with us as you know that you are supporting small family-run farms that have industry-leading animal welfare processes. When you buy any of our certified Organic and Free-Range meats, you are not contributing factory farming but you are supporting practices that see animals treated with the utmost respect, where they get to live a life filled with space to run around, plenty of sunshine and a low-stress pasture raised lifestyle.