Elegant and delicious Ready-To-Cook Mothers day options!

Lexi Gugger

Elegant and delicious Ready-To-Cook Mothers day options!

Stuck for ideas or not really the cooking type? Why not snatch up a couple of our Heat & Eat options. They are super easy to cook plus they deliver a certain level of Wow factor that you might need to impress a certain someone!

Free-Range Chicken MignonMignon

With the oven steaming away at 200 degrees C, allow these beauties about 20 minutes to cook. Check the chicken is cooked through when you see the bacon go a golden crispy brown. Once cooked, try pairing these moreish rounds with a yummy glass of White wine!

Crumbed Lamb Cutlets

Place these wonderful looking cutlets in a hot pan drizzled with oil. Cook on a medium heat and when the outside has become a crunchy, rich golden crust check the inside is still slightly pink. Pair these elegant cutlets with a nice Rose or Red wine and enjoy the taste of deliciousness!