Gelatin puts the jiggle in your jelly and the bone in your broth

Gelatin is a colourless, flavourless substance, familiar to most of us in the form of jelly crystals from childhood, but today, its popular uses extend far beyond wobbly birthday-party treats.

Renowned for its health benefits, its made from the cooking of collagen. Very high in amino acids, gelatin is almost pure protein. While research is still ongoing into its potential role in aiding the treatment of osteoporosis, its widely thought to be great for brain function, joint and bone health.

So are we talking about the little packets you find on the supermarket shelves? No. No, we are not. The lower-grade product in the baking aisle can come from either cows or pigs, but due to the way the animals are raised, the cheaper form is not as high in anti-inflammatory amino acids. Quality, grass-fed gelatin, however, packs a real punch in terms of health benefits.

And its not just great for your insides its got some serious street-cred with the beauty bloggers too! Packed with nutritional power-bombs for skin, hair and nails, gelatin could be just the missing ingredient you're looking for in your self-care regimen.

Finally, for the most important question, how exactly does one get this nutritional powerhouse inside their belly? One of the best and most direct route comes in the form of bone broth. Heated up on the stove, its a deeply comforting night-time alternative to tea, while being packed full of flavour and nutrition. Its also a great substitute for basic stocks as well. Win win!