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Get Organised

Ok, you’re back at work, kids are almost back to school...life is hectic again.  Or at least it’s heading in that direction. Like a freight train.

Getting organised with at least meal planning or meal prepping can alleviate a huge source of daily stress. But for some of us (aka me) even planning and prepping sounds like hard work. No, I don't want to spend my entire Sunday planning, making, portioning and freezing meals for the week!

It got me thinking about the different kitchen gadgets or appliances that could help me! For those of us without a Thermomix, a slow cooker can save you so much time and hassle! I always relegated the slow cooker to winter meals...but why?

One of the best parts about a slow cooker is you can use the cheap meats to make absolute decadence! (see recipe below for my case in point!)

The other absolute bonus is that you can make bulk and either freeze it or use it in different ways each day.

Check out our new recipe below!  This is a must have in your repertoire if you want to save time.  

It is super versatile, can be used in multiple meals, is dead simple and tastes amazing.


If you're hosting an Australia Day get-together and want some easy yet delicious morsels for your guests then check out some of our ready-made meals or "cook-on-the-barbie-in-minutes" type options like these below.

We are closed  Tuesday 26th January so come in Sunday or Monday to grab your necessities.

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