Go Barking mad with our Pet food range!

We are currently working with Vets and industry professionals to get the best quality Organic and nutrient dense pet food into Sunshine Coast homes!

Unfortunately, pets aren't covered under Medicare and no vet is available to bulk bill, so keeping them in tip-top shape will help to save a lot of headaches and empty wallet pains.

With our selection of pet meats, you'll be feeding your pets Free-Range and Organic Meats that are processed just like we process our normal meats and its handle in a way that it would be fit for human consumption. In our meats you'll find, no fillers, no chemicals and no nasty bits.

The pet food industry has exploded in the recent years. No longer is there only a puppy and an adult dog food, but now an entire aisle is dedicated to the bounty of options available. So what should we be feeding our pets? The RSPCA suggests that a dogs diet should consist of a high-quality balanced premium dog food, which fits your dogs stage of life and health status and that natural foods such as fresh human-grade raw meat (e.g. raw lamb), raw meaty bones and vegetables can be used to provide variety. The RSPCA also warns that dogs should never receive cooked bones, which can splinter causing internal damage.

Contrary BARF Australia (Biologically Appropriate Raw Food), states that processed pet food is not tolerated by all pets. Therefore have created a the BARF diet which is based on the philosophy that dogs and cats have evolved their diet over thousands of years and that dogs and cats diets should consist of raw whole foods, similar to the diet of their wild ancestors. The diet includes things such as raw animal protein (meat, bones and offal), raw vegetables and fruit and raw whole eggs. To see the health benefits that various ingredients provide click here. BARF claims that the diet can see your pets have a shiny coat, more energy, healthier teeth and gut. It is also said to improve pet health issues such as arthritis and allergies.

Working in conjunction with our consulting our Vet, we are creating some of the best recipe options available for your pets. Green Tripe was completely unavailable for some years but we are hoping to be able to source Organic Green Tripe from our farmer, which is a fantastic probiotic as part of the expanding range. Of course, we still have our classic pet food options in store. With our raw meat pet food range, it doesn't matter whether you feed your pets raw meats or cooked meats, we make sure your pets feed is from healthy Organic and Free-Range ingredients.

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