Got Milk? Dont sweat, we've got you covered

Got Milk?
Don't sweat, we've got you covered

We stock two of Maleny Dairies top-selling kinds of milk and by gosh are they fantastic. Not only do we get to support local dairy farmers, these kinds of milk are rich in flavour and goodness that we just cant get enough of!
Maleny Milk
Award-winning Gold top Farmers choice Full cream Guernsey Milk (Pasteurised)

This milk has undergone only the minimalist amount of processing so that you are left with milk that is as close to natural as is legally possible to sell. Maleny milk is high in Beta-Carotene, which is found in the lush green Maleny grass the cows munch on. Beta-Carotene is not digested and broken down by Guernsey Cows which is the element that gives the milk its rich golden colour. The Gold Top milk is also high in Beta-Casein A2 protein, which many customers have it to be gentler on their tummies. Pick up a bottle online or in-store!
Blue top Full Cream Milk (Pasteurised and Homogenised)

A group of local farmers work to create this Blue Top milk that is both Pasteurised and Homogenised. Homogenisation is a mechanical process that gently blends the cream in the milk to provide a smoother milk. As where pasteurisation is the process where milk is heated to kill off any potential bad bacteria. Pick up a bottle online or in-store today!

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