Hump day has a whole new meaning

Did someone say Hump Day?

Australia has enormous numbers of wild camels and it is a meat eaten worldwide for centuries. Yeah, who knew right? Well, we did that's why our delicious camel rump (found in the freezer section on the back wall of the shop) comes from a local Queensland supplier, who are known for their stellar reputation in sourcing the finest Australian meat.


Kevin Bluer 358475 Unsplash

Camel is actually a light coloured red meat which is super high in protein and high on the tenderness scale. With a wonderful taste, camel is likened to beef. Although it doesn't taste like chicken as everyone would have you believe, you should cook camel as you would cook lean cuts of chicken, careful not to overcook it. The camel trend is rapidly growing due to having bucket loads of health benefits like being low in cholesterol and high in amino acids and iron. The wonder called the internet has plenty of Camel-isious recipes waiting for you to give them a crack. Its tasty, its healthy plus its trendy? What more could this meat offer? Make everyday Hump Day with camel!