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Switzerland, the home of cheese and chocolate is also home to a tradition that is loved by so many especially in the capital city of Bern. It is called Eierttschet, which means Egg bashing.

Monika Grabkowska 613240 Unsplash

Yes, you heard right. Egg bashing, egg tapping, whatever you want to call it, has been around for so many years and is played by many cultures. Here's how it works: Around 9 am on Easter Sunday people from all over will come spilling to the streets and the Kornhausplatz (a square in the city of Bern as well as other cities) becomes a battlefield, where the young and old and every generation in between goes head to head (quite literally) with strangers in a feat to find out who has the strongest boiled egg.

The rules are as such, you need a dyed (any colour you like) hard-boiled egg that cannot be tampered with to make it stronger, you will face your opponent and using the narrow end of your egg knock it against the narrow end of their egg until one of the eggs cracks. Now you'll flip the egg over and knock the rounded ends together. The aim is to bash your opponents egg and keep yours intact!

Cant fly to Europe to participate? Try this one at home with some friends and family, its seriously a lot of fun, we just hope you like boiled eggs.