Imported Meat

Imported Meat

Do you know what’s on your plate? 

It’s been a hard few years for grocery shelves: you can probably remember what it was like at the peak of COVID. Bare shelves, empty produce sections and low-quality and low-quantity meat sitting in the fridge section. During this time, meat imports were restricted, and the market was changing and adapting every day. Nearly every hour! But COVID isn’t the only thing that’s impacted grocery shelves, even within the last year there’s been changes and restrictions to the global market.

In September of this year, there were discussions around FMD-diseased meat production which halted imports in almost 70 countries — you can read a bit more about it from News Australia

There are strict food standards for meat imported into Australia, organised and enforced by the Australian Department of Agriculture, Fisheries and Forestry. They ensure countries like China and New Zealand are importing food into Australia that meet minimum health standards.

But did you know 46% of Australia’s beef production happens right here in Queensland? As well as 3% of Australia’s lamb production and 28% of our pig production. Our farmers are a part of those numbers, providing our customers with delicious, Australian produced, grown and transported meat. None of the meat on our shelves is outside of Queensland, or produced with any less than the highest ethical standard. 

Whether you’ve filled your Christmas plate with Sunshine Coast Organic Meat products or you’re a year round shopper, we ensure you’re getting the highest quality, pure Australian meat.

Today is your last day to order for guaranteed Christmas products, so if you haven’t gotten in yet make sure you do before close of business today! If you can’t get in in time, don’t stress — we’ll still have some product available leading up to Christmas. 

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