Lets get Crafty with Blown Eggs

Lets get Crafty with Blown Eggs

The age-old tradition of blowing eggs and painting them is set to make an appearance this year.

Its a great way to entertain children, grandchildren and adults alike. If the term Blown Egg is new to you, don't sweat it. It is an egg that has had the gooey insides removed and all you are left with is a perfectly intact shell that with a lick of paint and a dash of creativity you paint and they become awesome ornaments and keepsakes.

Painted Eggs
Photo: Praktyczny Przewodnik

Find our step by step guide to Egg-cellent Eggy fun below:

  • You will need some eggs, you can grab a dozen here. Next, you'll need to equip you and your team with a pin and a big bowl.
  • If you want to have your eggs dyed a certain colour be sure to dye them before you blow them out or you'll end up with floating eggs that wont colour evenly.
  • Use the pin to gently poke a hole in the centre of the narrow end of the egg being sure to poke right through the shell and membrane.
  • Flip the egg over and pierce the other rounder end with the pin just like before but this time make the hole slightly larger than before. When you can see or reach the yolk be sure to pierce it.
  • Here's the fun part, bring the narrow end of the egg with the smaller hole to your mouth and blow the insides out of the end of the egg and into the bowl below.
  • Once the insides are out, rinse the inside and outside of the egg with a mixture of 1-part white vinegar and 1-part water.
  • Dry them with a paper towel and boom! you are ready to get your Picasso on.
  • Go wild, use paints, stamps, stickers, coloured tissue paper, or whatever you happen to get your hands on!
  • Please do be careful, you are handling raw eggs so be sure to wash your hands and maybe your lips before you decide to kiss your relatives farewell. And you can if you'd like to use the insides that have been blown out to make a quick omelette or scrambled eggs.