Why House made is homemade

Why House made is homemade

Homemade in-house

 One of the most common tips given to improve health through your diet is eat at home. It's better to eat homemade because you can know and control all of the different ingredients that go into making your favourite snack. 

It's true, the pies and cupcakes, cookies and curries you make are all better eaten when you know what's in them. You can avoid artificial flavours and colours, preservatives and hidden chemicals when you know the ingredients. Plus, they have that extra special ingredient: love. 

Home cooking is a highly romanticised practice (and for good reason) filled with imagined fresh produce and delicious flavours — and while you should always thrive to be getting creative in the kitchen, sometimes life gets in the way. You're too busy, or get overwhelmed in the kitchen, sometimes buying fresh ingredients can be hard and the ingredients list can get expensive.

That's where we come in: with gyoza, curries, soups, pies and spring rolls made in store by our talented chef for you and your family.

Eating in-house products is as good as eating homemade because we strive for total transparency with you every step of the way: how we source ingredients, how we make the food and how we treat it once it's put on our shelves. We believe in making healthy, organic and delicious food to accessible to everyone whether you have a busy lifestyle, a picky eater, living on the basics or have extra money to spare buying truly delicious food.

If you like to get hands-on in the kitchen, try following our spring roll recipe, or checking out any of the other recipe ideas on our recipe blog. You can also purchase online for delivery or in-store pick up.