Meat demands respect so compliment it.

Choosing the right flavours to accompany your meat on the grand stage that is your plate can be quite tricky but when you find the golden combination, oh yeah, its totally worth it. So take our advice on the perfect pairing and never offend your taste buds or anyone elses for that matter, ever again!

Our complimentary compliment guide


chicken oven roasted

Flavours garlic, lemon, mustard, smoky BBQ, thyme, chilli.

Chicken is a light-coloured meat that benefits most from the help of strong, sharp flavours to make its natural flavours pop in your mouth. Garlic and lemon are traditionally seen paired with chicken but smoky BBQ and chilli are bringing a whole new dimension of flavour to chicken. Try stuffing chicken breasts, rubbed with a strong mustard like Dijon, with a butter, garlic and lemon mixture or make a plate of smoky sticky BBQ wings.


Flavours mint, rosemary, red wine, tomato.

Lamb has a slight gamey taste and is naturally a more tender and fatty meat which is why the bold flavours mint, rosemary and red wine pair with lamb so well. Pop a leg of lamb in the oven dosed in red wine and speckled with rosemary and once cooked serve with a refreshing mint sauce. Believe us it will go down a treat! These pairings don't just work on roasts, they are also great for dishes like curries and stews.



Pork Sous Vide

Flavours honey, apple, cranberry, fennel, garlic.

Fruits like apple and cranberry and sweet sauces are used to cut through porks often strong taste and creates a wonderful balance between sweet and salty. Honey glazes are everywhere in pork recipes and for good reason too! Try to sous vide pork with a honey glaze or try making a honey, apple and cranberry mix to add to homemade pork pies or pulled pork sandwiches?



Wet rub steak

Flavours horseradish, mustard, soy, chilli, fish sauce.

Beef excels when matched with other strong flavours like horseradish, mustard and soy, which all pack their own special punch. Roast beef, horseradish and mustard are the trio, sure to leave a mark on your memory. Try spreading mustard on the inside of the pastry before adding the beef to make a beef wellington. Beef stir-fries and most Chinese style beef simply wouldn't be the same without a combination of soy sauce, fish sauce and chilli which is sure to dazzle your taste buds.




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