Staying hydrated this winter

Staying hydrated this winter

Stay Hydrated this Winter

Winter is 15 days away and with winter comes wind, chilly weather, and a desire to reach for something warm, comforting and easy to make. What does not come is a habit of drinking between 1.5-2.5 litres of water a day. Even the keenest hydro drinker would rather reach for a warm cup of deliciousness than a plain cup of water every 30 minutes. And even though coffee, tea and hot chocolate are made with water, it unfortunately doesn't meaningfully contribute to your hydration which is vital for your cognitive function, mental and physical wellbeing. Are you one of those lucky people who can enjoy multiple cups of hot lemon water a day? If you aren't, don't worry, there are more ways to stay hydrated in winter than reaching for a hot cup of bland tasting h2o. 

The most important thing to reach for during winter is hydrating fruits, vegetables and meats. Classic bits like lettuce, cucumber, and celery are packed full of at least 95% water. That’s an amazing amount of hydration in a few easy crunchy bites. But, as much as we love vegetables, we love a rounded holistic dinner plate even more. And you don’t have to rely on just vegetables to hydrate yourself either.  

Poultry is particularly high in water content, with a chicken breast containing up to 70% water, turkey at 60-70% water and quail at 60-65% water. Other ‘white meats’ like pork (55-65% water) and fish (70-80%) are also a great addition to a hydrating dinner plate. Lean beef mince (with less than 10% fat) contains around 65-70%, with sirloin or filet mignon steaks around 60-70% and rib eye steak around 55-65%. Such factors including serving portions, the quality of the meat, the cuts and how it’s cooked all impact the water content (including resting meat after cooking. Oh and don't underestimate the delicious versatility of poached chicken, we're serious). 

If meat and vegetables don't quench your thirst, try something more liqiud-based. Savoury hydrating dishes such as noodle dishes, bouillon-based soups and rice dishes are hydrating and delicious. Think nacho soup, beef stew, chicken drop soup, kao ka moo and simple-style Udon noodles. If you're thirsty for more protein, antioxidants and healthy fats, try Rx's Body Glue — nothing tastes better than a gut-boosting bone broth tea. 

These are all delicious ways to stay hydrated in the cold coming months but it is important to note that eating meat, vegetables and liquid dishes cannot replace drinking water, whether that’s room temp, cold or hot with lemon, honey and/or ginger. Though these give a great boost of hydration, they come with natural sugars, sodium, fibre and other delicious and important nutrients, all of which your body needs less than pure, clean h2o. 

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