Oh butter, you so fine!

We are well aware that steak is at its most nutritious when it comes from grass-fed cattle, and as it turns out, the same is true of dairy. Butter, in particular, has an outstanding nutritional profile when sourced from pasture-raised cows, and thankfully these days, it is no longer cast as a villainous cause of heart disease.

So, apart from whacking it on some toast and smearing it (deliciously) on veggies, what else can you do with all that golden goodness? As it turns out, a whole lot.

First up, its pretty hard to go past butter as a beautiful accompaniment to steak. Its a combination as classic as bangers and mash. Don't be afraid to mix it up however, and experiment with what varieties of flavoured butter can work in this marriage made in food heaven. Check out some inspiration here.

And then, of course, there's the trend that's swept the world in recent years: bulletproof coffee. Yes, you read that right, people really do add butter to coffee (and swear in droves by the health benefits).

Dishes of sage butter and French pastries also deserve a shout-out here. Croissants really are fluffy bites of heaven.

For me though, I cant quite bring myself to expend so many kilojoules on butter in coffee. And as much as I love a good brioche, I cant quite go past the steak and butter combo. Perfection.