Our thin beef and salt sausages

How the Sausage Gets Made

"Laws are like sausages. It's better not to see them being made."

is an old adage from as early as 1869! Now, we at Sunshine Coast Organic Meats don't have much to say about the law being made, but we certainly do have some authority about sausages!

Things have changed since the 19th century and we're not afraid to show you how our organic sausages are made. 

When we purchase carcasses from our local farmers, our skilled butchers break the animal down by hand in store. After we’ve separated the steaks, fillets and rumps, t-bone and other fan favourite cuts of our red meats; and our legs, breasts, thighs and wings of our poultry, we have plenty of meat leftovers which are still perfectly delicious to be used. 

Our pet food, Pawganics, uses leftover organ meats and bones as great sources of protein in our food packs, to provide our furry friends with boosts of collagen, healthy fats and delicious flavours. Pawganic Pet Foods  and our house-made sausages work together to reduce our food waste. 

All of our flavoured sausages —our Thai-inspired sausages, pork and apple cider, chicken with macadamia and honey or, our newest staff favourites lamb, feta and pumpkin sausages — come with organic products, carefully chosen for the best flavour and added nutritional benefits. We have thick and thin sausages available, with our thick casing being made of a hog lining and our thin sausages in masterfully crafted collagen casings. 

We have a preservative-free range which is freshly made and snap frozen (keep in mind these must stay frozen and be eaten within two days when defrosted.) or sausages in our fresh case made with gluten free meal for structural integrity. 

If you want to get the best out of your sausages, read our newest recipe blog for our tips and tricks for cooking the ultimate sausage, as well as a staff suggestion for upgrading their favourite sausage. 

Sausages are an Aussie favourite and a common addition to any mid-week rotation, weekend barbecue or birthday celebration. Whether you love sausages, include them as part of your Organic Meat Club rotation or save them for special occasions, we have everything you need for organic, delicious and nutritious snags.