Origin game night snacks

Lexi Gugger


Game season is here and Queensland is hunkering down for yet another stellar season. Watching a game is just not the same when there are no snacks, finger foods and refreshments on handbecause cheering our team on is exhausting work!

Check out some of our favourite Origin night snacks to keep you in tip-topshape.

American style hot wings Mix some butter with Ranch dressing and hot sauce or snatch a bottle of Remia BBQ Hot Chilli sauce and BAM! you have a wickedly good sauce to cook and glace your chicken wings in. They are sooo fiery but sooo good, theyll leave you wanting more!

Hamburger Dip Youll need melted cheese, browned minced beef, and seasonings. Mix them together and serve with tortilla chips, crackers or rip and dip pieces of wraps.

Smokey BourbonChicken Wings With Beereenbergs Smokey Bourbon saucelather the wings, cook and enjoy the worlds favouritefinger food!

Sliders with a Taco twist Cook the minced beef, mix it in with cheese, taco sauce and seasonings then fill bread rolls that have been sliced down the middle. Pop them in the oven to get that little bit of crunch and for the gorgeous cheese to melt.

Homestyle Aussie LambPie Recreate your best footy memories with a wonderful twist on a classicFourn Twenty pie. All youll need to do is make a lamb ragu and pull the meat, so you are left with the most divine mixture which will serve as your pie filling. Once the ragu is cold spoon it into puff pastry lined buttered ramekins and pop on a puff pastry lid. Let those little beauties bake away until golden crispy brown. And if you want to go all out, top the pie with a mint and mushy pea gravy!