Our newest obsession!

It can be used for a massive amount of things from tenderising meat to weight loss to cleaning. Apple Cider Vinegar is truly a gift from the gods!


Apple Cider Vinegar

Vinegar is a household item that is used for many purposes such as cooking, preserving and cleaning as it can help kill off pathogens and bacteria. It has been found to reduce blood triglycerides, cholesterol and blood pressure amongst a range of other health benefits that are researched and supported by science in this article. This product is seriously the most amazing help around the home.

We stumbled across this site called 69 Awesome Apple Cider Vinegar Hack to Fix Everything and OMG our world was changed by the sheer amazement of the range of things this product can do.


Here are some of our favourite wacky and wonderful Apple Cider Vinegar hacks. We really like the sound of #53! Check out the full list here and be sure to let us know which ones are your favourite!

#59 Tenderize Meat
Meat will get very tender if you let it marinate in vinegar overnight.

#4 Boil Eggs
Boiling an egg? Adding vinegar prevents the shell from cracking.

#27 Cleaning windows
The classic vinegar hack: window cleaning. Put one or two cups of vinegar in a bucket of warm water, wipe windows and they will shine like never before.

#53 Weight loss
Apple cider vinegar increases the rate at which food is converted into energy. It improves your metabolism and digestion. It also gives you a smaller appetite if you take it before your meal. Mix 2 tablespoons of apple cider vinegar in a glass of water.

#12 Keep flowers fresh
To enjoy flowers in a vase for a longer period, add one or two teaspoons of vinegar to the water.

#52 Hair thickener
Taking 1 teaspoon a day in a glass of water will regulate your metabolism and fight thinning hair that is caused by an imbalance.

#10 Natural weed killer
Vinegar is a good organic weed killer: pour the vinegar at the base of the plant you want to remove. The acid attacks the roots and the weeds die.