Preservative Free

Preservative Free

Our Expanded Range of Preservative Free Sausages

Preservatives are notorious for their impact on health. Though research outcomes vary, the consensus is that artificial preservatives most often found in pre-packaged foods, deli meats, and fast food can cause a variety of health problems. Asthma symptoms, loss of important nutrients, headaches, decreased energy as well as potential carcinogen intake. All of this to say, eating preservatives is not ideal if you can help it. We’ve always strived to provide our customers with health-conscious, accessible, and delicious options so they don’t have to compromise on the things they love. 

Though Sunshine Coast Organic Meats has offered preservative free sausages for a long time, we felt it was time to freshen up the range with some amazing flavours. We wanted to ensure everyone could enjoy the great taste of exciting sausages without compromising their health. That’s why we’ve linked up with a popular chef on the Sunshine Coast to introduce our new Signature Range

We were inspired by the history and flavour of sausages across the globe, from Romania to Italy, Wales to Oxford. After lots of hard work recipe developing and testing (including taking a delicious bite each step of the way), we’ve finalised our Signature Range. There will be some sausages that are familiar to you and some that may be brand new, but one thing about each of them is the same: they’re all preservative and artificial flavour free. We wanted to provide you with sausages that were delicious without sacrificing on the goodness inside of them, which means no preservatives, no artificial flavours, and organic certified ingredients whenever we can. Preservatives have been pervasive in conventional meat to extend the shelf life which, for minced meat like the kind found in these sausages, is only a few days. Instead, our preservative-free sausages are frozen just after they’ve been made, meaning they retain all their delicious nutrients without going off in your fridge. 

Don’t fret, defrosting sausages is easy as! They don’t take long to thaw out, and on those lazy Sunday mornings when every minute counts they can be thawed in a matter of minutes under a slow tap or in a bowl of water. 

This week on our recipe blog we introduce you to one of our new flavours: the Beef and Liver sausage.