Prosciutto, the fancier cold cut

Prosciutto dominates as the stylishly, delicate versatile cold cut that makes everything just that little bit more posh! Prosciutto can be a tad on the salty side but if you use this to your advantage you can get some incredible flavour combinations.

Prosciutto Borgo 100g 510x340

Try infusing Prosciutto into your day with these awesome ideas!

Pan-fried asparagus wrapped in prosciutto
Rockmelon slices wrapped in prosciutto
Pan-fried scallops and prawns wrapped in prosciutto
Pan-fried bocconcini or mozzarella wrapped in prosciutto
Use as a topping on classic pizzas, open sandwiches and on flatbread, focaccia or Turkish bread pizzas
Instead of bacon try crispy prosciutto on top of pancakes
Mix into frittatas, quiches and pasta dishes to replace bacon