chicken breast, sausages, chops and mince on clear rPET trays

Plastic trays


A few months ago we wrote all about packaging. We spoke about what we'd learned at a packaging convention years ago, all about different kinds of eco-packaging on the market and how we’ve taken responsibility for our environmental impact. Our verdict at the end of the blog was that until we find packaging that was right for us, we wanted to focus on reducing food waste and the impact of agriculture production. 
It’s been a while since then and Sunshine Coast Organic Meats finally found treasure in the hunt for ecopackaging: Revive recycled packaging. 

We previously used classic foam trays for our sausages, kebabs, mince and other butcher staples. The foam was used as it was cheap, strong enough to hold the product, insulated to keep products cool in the fridge, but we know we could do better. Now, we’re using Revive recycled plastic trays.

The trays are made from recycled material like bottles, other trays and PET/ RPET products, so that clear plastic product don’t end up in landfill. These rPET plastic trays can also be recycled by being rinsed and thrown into your recycling container. Your rPET tray can get turned into another rPET product like cups, plates and trays. 

So what does this mean for you? It means you can be sure you’re supporting the well-being of your local community, animal welfare and environmental health. So long as you’re rinsing and disposing of your tray appropriately, you can make a big difference with little effort.  

We are going to continue to use vacuum seal plastic for some products, to prolong the life of the meat, which reduces food waste.  

Using this mix of recycled RPET and traditional packaging allow us to continue providing you with the products you know and love. You can support us as we continuously move towards a more environmentally friendly business model by purchasing from us in store at Forest Glen or online. You can also support us and our sustainability efforts by signing up for our Organic Meat Club. You can keep up-to-date with news like this by subscribing to our newsletter.